Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vermont History & Primary Sources, along with connections Google Tools for Schools

So this week (July 16-20), I have been sitting in a Vermont History course (through the Vermont Historical Society) on Old Documents and using New Technologies.  We have been incorporating primary sources, via the Library of Congress with the tool of SmartBoard Notebook.  I think I may create a Google Blog for students to reply to my inquiry questions that I will be displaying in class.  My project will be on Labor Unions. See some of you next week!
Link to the course description


  1. That is awesome that you are able to use primary sources using the SmartBoard Notebook. I think that your students will find it fascinating to see the documents first hand. I think that this type of inquiry would have kept me actively engaged in my history classes instead of forming cloud pictures out the window.

  2. Your unit of study on Labor Unions sounds interesting. How cool to connect the old with the new. Was Shawn Stebbins in your class? He teaches with us in Fairfield.
    Also, I really like the design of your blog site. It looks really good.