Monday, July 23, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vermont History & Primary Sources, along with connections Google Tools for Schools

So this week (July 16-20), I have been sitting in a Vermont History course (through the Vermont Historical Society) on Old Documents and using New Technologies.  We have been incorporating primary sources, via the Library of Congress with the tool of SmartBoard Notebook.  I think I may create a Google Blog for students to reply to my inquiry questions that I will be displaying in class.  My project will be on Labor Unions. See some of you next week!
Link to the course description

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating Eportfolios with the use of Google Tools

One of the larger undertaking at BFA now is EPortfolio, especially for the new 9th graders.  I am on a team for my one 9th grade Global Studies Class (specifically Team Achieve) and I know I will be using EPortfolio with this class... so where to start?

First, I read this article in Education World, about EPortfoilos in general.

Then, I explores some videos on Google sites:


 Next... maybe next week after my Vermont History Course is done... I will explore more about Google Forms and how I can incorporate that into Google Sites and/or EPortfolios.

Mike Campbell and mine Graduated Advisory - Class of 2012

Last Week at the Montshire Museum with my daughters

Working with Picasa

One of the side projects, that I want to work on is creating Picasa Folders or Albums for class projects or for my second job at the BFA, Yearbook Advisor.  I see individual dropping and sharing  pictures and photos in Picasa so that we can use them in the yearbook or come class sharing folders.

I read the chapter on Picasa in the Retool Your School text and have been reading some ideas online. I have also viewed some YouTube videos online...see the below links