Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating Eportfolios with the use of Google Tools

One of the larger undertaking at BFA now is EPortfolio, especially for the new 9th graders.  I am on a team for my one 9th grade Global Studies Class (specifically Team Achieve) and I know I will be using EPortfolio with this class... so where to start?

First, I read this article in Education World, about EPortfoilos in general.

Then, I explores some videos on Google sites:


 Next... maybe next week after my Vermont History Course is done... I will explore more about Google Forms and how I can incorporate that into Google Sites and/or EPortfolios.


  1. One suggestion I have about E portfolios is to have your students constantly adding to, editing and reflecting on their work. Waiting until the week or two before the E portfolios will be presented is kind of a nightmare! Another thoughts to have your students do as much work as possible on Google docs as they can, especially if you will be using a Google site for E portfolios because it is so easy to upload Google to Google. And just a last thought, is that if your students want use hard copies of work, like anything hand written or drawn, have them take pictures and download them as opposed to scanning them. Scanning can create some obstacles. Good luck.

    1. Nancy
      I can wait to ask this question in class or how do you go from google to google in sites. As I started creating my web page in sites and uploading files and couldn't find how to do it.
      Thanks for your help. I can still keep trying on my own if you don't have time:)

    2. Mary -

      I'm not sure if you've figured it out yet, but, it's very easy to add docs/presentations/spreadsheets etc. that were created using google apps to a google site. I hope you've been able to use the resources from our class to do this!

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  2. Thank you for your ideas! It will be an adventure and a half.

  3. The Computer Apps class is responsible for teaching the new frosh how to use E-Portfolios. It would be good to know who is doing what

  4. The good news is that students from City have been creating ePortfolios in their own Google Site for at least two years! Though sometimes they've worked from a template and not made their own site from scratch. Also, this was implemented only in its beginning stages as the teachers were learning along with them, and there is certainly a lot of room for change, growth, and improvement. Nonetheless, they are familiar with the tools and some of the elements (reflections, artifacts, etc.) necessary to build an ePortfolio and how to add them using Google Apps.

    I agree with Nancy - do as much as you can using Google Apps, and have students begin building and adding to the portfolio as you go right from day one! Those two factors alone could make the entire process smoother and more effective.